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saying washington, d.c.'s heart is broken with the loss of chuck brown. gary is live where he is getting the reaction to washingtonens that are just learning the news. gary. >> reporter: i talked to one man who said you're reporting about the death of chuck brown. there's nothing negative to say. he said when you talk about chuck brown, the only thing you can do is glow. you talk about chuck brown as being a washington institution, the chili bowl is an institution. chuck was here often. served on him, was a friend, what legacy do you think mr. brown leaves to washington, d.c.? >> he's more of a family member to us, everybody enjoyed chuck brown. everybody loved him. we are going to deeply miss chuck brown for ever and ever. >> reporter: mr. smith, why was his music important to d.c.? what difference did it make? >> it made a difference because he was the founder of go-go. everybody loves chuck brown. everybody loved go-go in d. c. back in the day, they love go- go. loved chuck. >> i was told by one fan, if you went to a chuck brown concert and you weren't feeling good, chuck could f
'm originally from washington, d.c., and ian just don't know life without chuck brown. certainly, he was able toab captivate audiences all the time, shows back to back to back, coming to multiple shows,t and heip was able to put go-go into a national arena and where people around the world know go-go music.c. >> what does this mean to you? personally?pe >> my heart is heavy and i feel sad because it's a staple of my growing up, and it's justs vetches, something that reminds me so much of home, i now reside in philadelphia, and i miss homm and wish i could be there with the folks today to celebrate him, and just being able to work with him once in my life is huge, and certainly just myus heart is heavy, but i know in aw the legacy he left will live on, especially through me and others like myself. >> thank you very we appreciate you joining us. >> here is a rare clip of the a duo with marion barry. >> councilman barry joins us live at fox 5 studios. we just heard aja touch on it. how much of a role do you think he has played in the identity of this city?y? >> i've known chuck brown ove
has done a profile on chuck brown. i have been here over 30 years. so i said chuck, can i do a profile? he said of course. nobody asked to talk to me. we stood on u street. you can see some of the shots. people wanting a hug from him. chuck is the man. he started out, he went to lorton. that's where he got a chance to get his life together. he learned to play guitar, he got some education. he started this go go thing, except for busting loose, didn't go much further than d.c., but everybody samples their work. but chuck brown, you know, we love him and i got to show you this piece we did, derek, six years ago on chuck brown. that first piece that was done on him in a long time. >> when i say chuck brown, what do you think of? >> god father of soul. >> i thought that was james brown? >> no, that's chuck brown. >> he's been around for years. since i was a little boy. >> okay, i'm just happy to be here. i'm pushing 70. chuck brown, the father of d.c.'s go go sounds. he entertained three different general generations. he is right up there with luke elington, and marvin gay. chuck di
became d.c. classics. tonight the entire area mourning the loss of chuck brown, who has died at the age of 75. few artists in our town have had the enduring impact chuck brown had. a month or so ago he was admitted to john hopkins hospital with a publicly undisclosed illness. since that time, the rumor mill was filled with stories about his condition and whether indeed he was even still alive. today it was confirmed chuck brown has died. reportedly from complications with pneumonia. ♪ >> reporter: charles brown's musical career spanned some 50 years. there was seldom a moment when he and his guitar were not together jamming out in front of a crowd of bobbing heads and moving feet. the north carolina native got his start in the '60s playing the guitar for a d.c. based latin band. by the early '70s chuck brown was coming into his own and go-go was born. the godfather of go-go what the world came to call brown, creator of a musical genre that became synonymous with d.c. brown described it as jazz infused funk music with latin and african flairs driven by percussian and accente
was "say what?" we are asking you to share your condolences and thoughts about chuck brown on our web site and facebook page. we will be covering this the route the newscast and we will bring you the latest as soon as we can. >> i like many will say the first thing i remember about chuck brown is his voice. he had a voice you would never forget. many people are already sharing this story on facebook, twitter, and our web site as well. we invite all of you out there to go to any social media outlet to join and remembering check brown, his music, his influence. we will have more on his passing coming up at 5:30 at 6:00. >> now we turn to some other days. drive through the district and you snowcat -- traffic cameras candy you anywhere. they will add 88 more traffic cameras and that has a driver's crying foul. >> the d.c. government insists it is all about safety. the city is trying to generate nearly 50% more in revenue from traffic cameras in the next fiscal year than it did in the last. but no enforcement has traditionally been getting tickets for running red lights and speeding. >> making
's stalemate good evening, i'm judy woodruff. >> brown: and i'm jeffrey brown. on the "newshour" tonight: we look at the latest partisan divide over the debt ceiling and assess how the issue could play out in this year's campaign. >> woodruff: then, we examine the case against former bosnian general ratko mladic as he faces charges of genocide and ethnic cleansing at the u.n. court in the hague. >> brown: from our "american graduate" series, ray suarez has the story of an eighth grader who turns to journalism to tackle violence in his middle school. >> if i didn't have a camera i would probably be led up with the wrong people and doing the wrong stuff and i wouldn't >> woodruff: margaret warner explores the dramatic results of a new study showing paralyzed patients moving their robotic arms just by thinking. >> brown: we update the trial of john edwards, as the defense rests its case without calling the former presidential candidate or his mistress to testify. >> woodruff: and we remember mexican writer carlos fuentes, whose prolific literary career spanned more than five decades. that's all
e to his publicist who has represented chalk brown for many years. they issued a statement saying chuck brown died of multiple organ failure and baltimore. he was a local legend, a person well loved in the community. a person we spoke with a number of times. ♪ >> he was the godfather of go-go and an icon that drew a crowd wherever he went. we saw him last summer in chinatown. >> they said you are not from the see if you have not heard from chuck brown or been to a concert. i am 25. my whole family drop on chuck. >> d.c. loved him. heat had a concert with the national symphony orchestra. >> i never thought i would be playing at the conference room, let alone with the symphony orchestra. i have played in some beautiful places all over the world. nothing like home. klutzy always talked about how he grew up shining shoes in northwest. he went to prison where with the cigarettes he paid a ban to make him a guitar. chuck brown was 75. on behalf of the city, and maynard gray issued a statement announcing his profound sadness. the family is grateful for the outpouring of love and suppor
't know what would best fit jennifer. she has not only under mayor lee but also mayor gavin brown -- newsom. [laughter] now lieutenant governor under mayer brown bossed governor brown -- now the lieutenant governor under gov. brown. she is the director of the department of economic and workforce development. please welcome her. [applause] >> i don't know what the equivalent is but i think i am more the taskmaster, safe driver. still ginsberg, the director of the park, thank you. we would not be here today without leadership and guidance of the port commission represented by kimberly brandon. the director of the office and workforce development, my duties include the interest and development, business attraction and retention, small business development, international trade and commerce and workforce development. when you listen to the job description, you understand why this is so important. this is not only a breathtaking spectator event that will mark us internationally, this touches on nearly every aspect of what we do to improve the economic climate of san francisco. the ameri
. speaker brown and mr. speaker scott. >> good morning. my name is sharon and i'm vice chair of the district 11 council and a 4 year resident which is located in the heart of district 11. i do not come forward to test by earlier because my neighborhood has never seriously been in danger of being split into another district. but i wanted to take this last opportunity to speak, to publicly thank the task force for not just listening to the public, but to actually hearing all the folks who came to testify. and for your commitment to keeping neighborhoods whole. for you reuniting the other neighborhoods that were split 10 years ago. i also wanted to thank the consultants and kay for all their work in getting the draft maps and the boundaries up on the website so quickly. and lastly i would like to thank any fellow council members who came to testify so passionately but respectfully for their neighborhoods in district 11. so far we have only lost population in those areas we all agreed to sacrifice to keep district 11 whole. it is an honor to serve with them on the council and to have them as fr
sad news to share right now. breaking news about d.c.'s own musical giant. chuck brown the godfather of go-go has died. brown had been hospitalized with pneumonia for the past two months. he had postponed several concerts. >> brown's musical career lasted 50 years. he got his start back in the 60s playing guitar for a latin band here in d.c. by the 1970s he created go-go, the musical genre that grew to define him and the district. in 1978 he had his first number one hit "busting loose" and in 2010 was nominated for his first grammy. chuck brown was 75 years old. again, dead this afternoon. stay tuned to news 4 for more on the life and legacy of chuck brown. >> you know he traveled the world. we both met him. he always came back and he always gave back. what a generous spirit and a big heart. >> he'll be missed by a lot of folks here and around the world. >> sure will. >>> he is fierce, fashionable, and he's unafraid to speak his mind. >> annapolis born christian siriano has his own fashion label and dresses big names like rihanna and lady gaga. eun yang checked out his new york studi
talking about how he saw chuck brown in his old place in southeast d.c. called the shelter room and told some friends in the music industry you got to record this guy because he's got something new and different. one real quick story if i can, chuck used to play at a place down in northwest as the knights of columbus club if i'm not mistaken. one of my daughters used to hang out there all the time and i had a problem with that because it could get a little tricky down there. you know, when the show was over. >> yeah. >> i went down one night. she, you know, was defiant so she went anyhow. i went down one night just to check out what was going on. it happened to be a night chuck was there. i stayed in -- she to this day doesn't know i was in the house that night. so don't tell her. all right? i was in the back. i hadn't heard chuck for several years. it had been years since i had seen him live. i left that place and told her when she got home that night. okay. you can go down to knights of columbus but only when chuck brown is there. can we have that deal? and she was like, okay. because
is one of long struggle and long fought victoriesment meet wanda brown of the missouri house of representatives. she's leading a new march of progress with her landmark bill hb-1621. >> this bill creates an environment that an employer can't fire an employee if they own firearms, if they use firearms. if you target-- if you target practice, if you hunt, they wouldn't have the right to fire you for that reason. >> right, but aren't gun owners already protected? >> we have a second amendment to the constitution that should be abided by at all times. >> wanda's bill like a second condom adds another layer of protection against employers who would disregard the constitution. >> i think i understand. you're the kind of person that sees discrimination somewhere, and wants to fight it. >> yes. >> thanks to wanda brown's crusade against injustice, hb-1621 saled through the house by 115-36, releasing gun owners from the shackles of persecution. >> now a gun owner can own a gun, and no longer be fired for it. >> true. i'm not aware of anybody having that problem. >> since when could yo
brown's new spending plan. the tough questions they had for his finance team. >> back here in just 10 minutes, we have a small forecast a bit warmer for your neighborhood. >>> the state has placed oikos university nursing program on -- regulators say they were concerned about the school before a man shot and killed seven people last month. >>> the state took heat for the governor's revised budget plan. >> what are you doing differently now so we're not ensuring that we're back next year in the same hole? >> all i can say is that as a department we're using our best judgment and using the information we have at any point in time to build the budget. >> technically lawmakers now have one month to submit a budget for the governor to sign. >>> governor brown reiterated today it is going to take difficult cuts as well as the passage of a tax hike initiative in november to wipe out the projected $16 billion state budget gap. >> we have to exercise the budget discipline. i'm determined to do that by whatever means necessary. we're going to come out with a balanced budget. >>> advocates are p
of these asian pacific heritage month associations, mayor willie brown. >> this evening, we are celebrating our communities from all over the world. i am so lucky to be the mayor of an international city. we talked a lot about diversity, but we also celebrates in so many ways. it is marvelous to hear the names of all these council generals from all around the world. we also have some invaluable participants that represent the city relations. from osaka, singapore, shanghai, taipei, and seoul, korea. they're working with our offices and communities to promote education, trade, allow ourselves to educate ourselves continuously about the need to have a more advanced, smarter immigration policy for our country. and also one that we enjoy celebrating because we get a lot of talent from the other countries, which is why we want to be a gateway to the world. that is why we enjoy the celebration so much. with that, i like to invite former mayor willie brown and also the supervisors, please join us on the stage and be part of the witness and of the signing of the proclamation for this year imposed a cel
al parecer el gobernador brown tiene otros planes y ante la severa crisis en el presupuesto, quiere usar ese dinero con otro proposito. orson aguilar/dir.instituto greenlining pues para la gente que necesita ayuda es muy triste, porque la procuradura pelio muy duro para recibir estos fondos de los bancos, estos fondos deben ser usados para lo que ella pelio brown lo usaria para vivienda pero no para prevenir los embargos hipotecarios sino para pagar por nuevos proyectos de vivienda asequible ..... aqui no hay solucion facil pero uno hay que recordarse que si los fondos llegaron al estado por una razon se deberian usar para esa razon el dinero se supone que seria para pagar a consejeros expertos y prevenir mas ejecuciones hipotecarias, segun la procuradora estatal kamala harris...ayuda que dicen todavia se necesita.... nancy rosales/busca una modificacion tristemente el banco no te oye como te va a oir cuando tienes a alguien que tiene un poquito mas educacion de todo esto por si misma, nancy trato dos veces de lograr modificar su prestamo sin ninguna suerte...ahora con la asistencia
by gordon brown and david cameron. and other people got up to all sorts of stuff. there's no doubt about that. and part of politics is part of life. i tried to control at the center. i tried to keep a grip of things. but the reality is there are hundreds of people out there the whole time who -- anybody who works on downing street in the eyes of a journalist is a senior downing street source. anybody who works in the home office is a senior home office source. i think we did a pretty good job in having proper coordination at the center, but it's very difficult to maintain that. >> mr. powell points the finger of blame in a particular place. he says "it's the special advisers like the damian o'brieens, charlie wheelers, and ed balzes, not -- who specialize in character assassination through the pages of the newspapers. what always surprised me was that the assassins managed to persuade the press to keep quiet about their activities. however many incriminating e-mails or texts they sent." >> that's a very good point. in other words -- >> is all of that correct? >> well, no, not all of it b
think this goes for david cameron, gordon brown, tony blair -- that the amount of time and energy that they, not just the people who work for them, but they as prime ministers have to devote and dedicate to kind of dealing with what are ultimately media management issues. it's grown. it's grown and it's growing because of the way the media has developed. i think that's a problem too. >> then you continue, they only have power if politicians let them have power. >> yeah. >> by which of course you mean it is within the gift of politicians to prevent press having power. but that might of course have obvious ramifications for free press. it also presupposes politicians are not going to yield to the obvious influences and powers which might intrude on their decision-making. would you agree with that? >> well, i think a lot of this started under margaret thatcher. i think that newspapers were given a sense of power. the numbers that we see, the peerages and the knighthoods and the sense they were almost part of her team. i think it changed under john major. i think when we were in power
sacrifices. here is what california governor jerry brown had to say about the situation yesterday. >> we are going to have to cut deeper. by cutting alone -- but cutting alone doesn't really do it. i am linking the serious budget reductions, real increased austerity with apply to the voters, please increase taxes temporarily. >> governor brown proposes slashing the deficit in half by cutting social services including welfare and healthcare for the elder and a 5% salary cut for state employees. to cut an additional $6,000,000,000, he wants voters to approve an income tax increase for the wealthiest californians as well as a quarter % sales tax increase. now, austerity has arrived in california and it's not going to be pretty. for a perspective on the scale and scope of california's budget crisis, i am joined by university of california berkeley public policy professor john elwood who has spend five years as a manager at the congressional budget office, a staff member of the u.s. senate budget committee and knows an awful lot about california problems as well
to the state legislature and would do two different things to state workers. governor brown proposes that employees such as those at this dmv office to work four days a week. most state offices would be closed on fridays but open 9.5 hours monday through thursday. public safety workers could also have their hours trimmed. off with a warning for salary cutbacks. a spokesperson with the highway patrol says there are working with employee groups to find ways to realize the 5 percent savings that jerry brown is looking for. they say the government realizes the law enforcement agency is the 24 hour, 7 day week operation and there's always a good look differently than the 4030 hour work week being composed for other state workers. one firefighter said the proposal to cut back to 38 hours a week will not work with them this state firefighters have already cut back staffing last year. they now have three fire fighters for every engine when the staff for. >>pam: keep video evidence in the case against ross mirkirimi could be used at this ethics hearing in san francisco. a judge handed down th
like to know when the willie brown model will be installed on polk street, north of broadway? >> the question, could you repeat the question? >> i would like to know when the willie brown model of newspaper racks are going to be installed on polk street, north of california? >> what is it? >> fancy new newspaper racks, the green ones. >> i think mayor lee and i share the desire of many neighborhoods to get more of these racks. i would like to turn it over to mohammed nuru from dpw over whether you know the timing for this section of polk street? >> thank you, good evening. as you know, we just finished installing all the racks in the downtown area. that was an agreement. gradually, we are working out agreements with the various neighborhoods. i cannot give a definite time, but i would say in the next three months or so we should have those up. [applause] >> is john here? i will give you the question. why are you putting through only 10 lateral police officers and 50 entry-level officers this fiscal year? 50 lateral officers better on the list would be more cost- effective. th
jerry brown trying to cool it'll californians? what are californians accusing the governor of doing? and governor mitt romney slamming president obama for -- [inaudible] hear from governor romney and indiana governor mitch daniels has a message for both governor romney and president obama. and oh, no -- not again. not another o.j. simpson trial? word that o.j. simpson could be headed back to court, again. what would he stand trial for this time? you have to hear this. i went to a small high school. the teacher that comes to mind for me is my high school math teacher, dr. gilmore. i mean he could teach. he was there for us, even if we needed him in college. you could call him, you had his phone number. he was just focused on making sure we were gonna be successful. he would never give up on any of us. male announcer ] remember when you were a kid? you liked getting dirty and building things. there were no limits -- you cod move mountains. the john deere 1 series subcompact tractor -- the way grownups move mountains. and with autoconnect implemes, it's the easiest tractor to use what
donaghue at brown university developed the system after decoding some of the brain's electrical language. how well do we understand this language? >> we know that there's a general pattern of, for example, left, right, up, down, even fast or slow. >> kathy now has neural control over that cursor. >> pelley: four years ago dr. leigh hochberg of massachusetts general hospital explained as hutch hinson moved the computer cursor with her thoughts. >> she's thinking about the movement of her hand and she's moving the cursor much as if she had her hand on a mouse. do you want to play some music? all right. >> pelley: she just clicked "play." >> she did. >> pelley: (laughs) that's pretty amazing! now four years later in the study published today in the journal "nature" researchers report hutch kheufp son has gone even further, using her mind to control a robotic arm. >> she was able to reach and grab any ball in any location about half the time which is to us was remarkable that he could do any of that. >> pelley: once they proved it worked they wanted to see whether the technology could one da
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presupuestari o del gobernador jerry brown.. take vo ---este incluye recortar dias al calendario escolar, recortar las horas take half slab y salarios de los empleados estatales, ademas de cerrar todos los edificios estatales un dia a la semana... ---ademas, apuesta fuertemente a que su propuesta de incrementos fiscales a los mas ricos sea aprobada por los electores en noviembre, ya que de lo contrario, advierte, se agregarian otros seis mil millones al deficit... ---hoy el comite de presupuesto de la asamblea se reunio para revisar el plan del gobernador... cu - anchor ---historico es el acuerdo en que bancos han tenido que pagar millones de dolares despues de ser acusados de abusos en los embargos hipotecarios. ---mucho de ese dinero se esperaba que fuera destinado a ayudarle a la gente a no seguir perdiendo sus casas en estas ejecuciones hipotecarias, pero como nos cuenta pilar nino parece que eso va a cambiar. take pkg take pkg ;01 ;24 1;07 1;37 1;49 trt: 2;04 --- outcue: " telemundo 48" mas de cuatro cientos millones de dolares del acuerdo judicial alcanzado con 5 grandes bancos acu
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♪ >> good morning. thanks for joining us. i am heather cheryleds. >> i am patti ann browne. >> explosive back-to-back testimony could begin in the corruption trial of john edwards. the presidential candidate himself could take the stand. good morning. >> could get very interesting heather. they are indicating their case is winding down. they aren't saying if they plan to call him or his mistress to take the stand this morning. it is uncertain whether edwards will testify. that would open him up to examination by the prosecution. he admitted he lied about inch of this case including fathering rielle hunter's child. a greater unknown is hunter. she is remained largely unseen and unheard than conducting a handful of interviews about two years ago. she was listed as a potential witness but did not testify. of the three she is most likely to take the stand and defend her dad who is facing 30 years in prison. he's charged with using campaign cash to hide his mistress and their love child from the rest of the world. >> might be putting on his daut tore show the mind set of the edw
. >> reporter: randy brown is the victim's friend and lives in the area. >> it's really difficult for me to watch, to see a friend of yours beaten like that. >> reporter: the suspect is still on the run. brown and several other members of the community attended a community meeting at the police station nearby. >> i really want to find out what leads they have, what suspects they're looking for, what they're doing to work with many other public agencies to get the word out. >> council member jim graham, police leaders and detectives spoke with concerned residents in the area about the crime and what's going on on w street. >> i was somewhat alarmed just for the fact that he was asking the guy to do something that wasn't really, you know, didn't seem like it was an unreasonable thing to ask somebody. >> i'm just concerned about the crime in the area. i live here. this is my home and i want to make sure it's safe, make sure d.c. is doing all they can do. >> police say tomorrow investigators will be knocking on doors in the community looking for information. they will also be passing out fl
cameron took up by the time tony blair and gordon brown left off. ignoring what happened after may 2010, would you agree with mandelson's view, we simply chose to be coward? >> i agree with it to some extent. i mean, he said there were no -- there was no issue of principle or priority. i think there were issues of principle and priority which i referred to a moment ago. but i do accept that part of the thinking of the prime minister and some of his colleagues was that to take on the whole of the press at the time when most of the public thought we got a pretty good deal was politically not very sensible. >> it might have been difficult to have approached this on a cross-party basis at any time between 1997 and certainly 201. unless you were to identify a short window of opportunity which opened after the tragic death of princess diana. is that right? >> i think it would have been impossible to get a cross-party agreement on slide. >> what about that short window of opportunity? >> i'm not sure there really was one. i think that the -- i think interestingly, from chris mullins' diaries
minister. >> did she manipulate the increasingly fractious relationship between mr. brown and mr. blair? >> i don't think so, no. in fact, i think she was -- i mean, it was a very difficult part of my job. the fact that the press were writing about the difficulties in that relationship all of the time and i was having to be out there as an advocate for the government, explaining what we were trying to, do focusing on the important things, so forth. no, i don't think she did. i think -- i knew she spoke to gordon and the people who worked for him and perhaps they sometimes said things to her that they wouldn't have said to us. >> was she increasingly seen as having influence over mr. murdoch? >> i think i -- my sense always was the most influential person in terms of influence upon murdoch was rupert murdoch. was she increasingly important in the organization? yes. >> were ministers afraid of her? >> i don't -- i'd say ththey sh have been. >> do you think they were? >> i don't think so. one of the reasons why, even though it's fairs to i think i'm somewhat png at national now, rebekah wa
a story this week talking about governor jerry brown's plan to close rapidly growing deficit and it includes four day workweek, health care for the poor, relying on a variety of short term fixes. what else is he planning to do? >> those are some of the big ones. we're talking about a 5% cut in employee payroll. some of the other big cuts are the health care programs for the poor. reducing reimbursement rates for hospitals and nursing homes, also cutting funding for the court system in california. so he's really spreading the pain around here. >> and you have a story today that says that the governor's time anied by the same budget dysfunction that plagued hisdec. what was unexpected about this budgeting process? >> well, people were very hopeful this year. they thought the budget deficit would be only around $9 billion. they thought tax revenues would come in at a higher rate and what surprised some people was the deficit was much larger, $16 billion. and for people who are talking about really turning the page on the california budget problem, this was kind of a rude awakeni
on leslie sabo, he met rise wife rosemary brown at a high school football game. they dated for two years and they were married in 1969 and leslie sabo was killed in 1970. leslie brown was visibly shaken as the president gave her the medal of honor. she says i know it won't bring back my husband, by my heart beats with pride for leslie. this is washington today on cspan radio. the fbi director telling a congressional committee today that authorities were investigating how information about an alleged plot by al qaeda to detonate a bomb on an airliner to the u.s. leaked to the news media. fbi director robert muller saying that the disclosure of the information about the plot that was first reported by the associated press on may 7 did compromise the u.s. operations against al qaeda. questions on all of this from senator john kyle, republican of arizona. >> let me also refer to your testimony about investigating the source of the leaks of this most recent, i these you referred eto it as an ied, but e can refer to it as another potential underwear bomber case, would that be accurate? >> expl
process in california. you wrote a story about the governor brown's plan that includes things like switching state offices to -- what else is he planning to do? caller: those are some of the big ones right there. we are talking about a 5% cut in employee payrolls. some of the other big cuts are to the health care programs to support. reducing reimbursement rates for hospitals and nursing homes. also, cutting funding for the court system in california. so here is really spreading the pain around. host: you have a story today that says the governor is stymied by the same budget dysfunction that has plagued his predecessors in office including republican arnold schwarzenegger. darrick brown is a democrat of course. what was unexpected about the budgeting process? caller: people were very hopeful this year. of the deposition would be only around $9 billion. they thought the economy was rebounding fast enough and tax revenues would come in and a higher rate. what surprises some people with the deficit was much larger, $16 billion. for people who were talking about turning the page on ca
the state's youth prison system. governor brown reversing his decision, after protests from law enforcement agencies. they argued counties were just swamped with an increase in prisoner population. and a shutdown would send more juveniles to adult prisons. governor brown wanted to ship young offends to county lockups to save $25 million a year. >>> a new labor deal in place for pal toe aalto police. the contract will save $1 million through benefits and wage cuts. officers will be responsible for pension contributions and three paid holidays are also being eliminated. palo alto face ing $4 million deficit. >>> protesters will be camping on ac transit buses today trying to send a message to make public transit affordable for low income communities. organizers say bus drivers will be honoring this protest. >>> if you're a muni ride, heads up. you have to come up with a new plan to get to work. the transit agency shutting down key routes for an 11-day stretch may 25th. buses will run in place of trains on the line between ocean beach and van ness avenues. the j line will work between balboa. o
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brown has died. brown is known as the god father of go-go, a popular style of music invented here in washington, d.c. brown's 1970s hit "bustin' loose." let's listen to some of chuck brown's music. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> chuck brown, the pioneer of go-go was 75 years old. and the city of fullerton, california, will pay $1 million to the mother of kelly tom a the unarmed homeless man beaten to death by police officers last year. as part of the deal thomas' mother will no longer seek legal action against the city, but it does not affect a wrongful death suit filed by thomas' father. two officers are charged in his death. >>> virginia is denying judgeship for a gay prosecutor. the republican-controlled house of representatives voted to reject tracy thorn beglin. discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is not acceptable. >>> and there are bad days at work and then there's the day this umpire had, watch as the toronto blue jays player upset by a called third strike pegs his mel met into the ground and bounces up to hit the umpire in the side and to make matters worse as the umpir
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tomorrow. in the east bay, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> now that governor jerry brown has offered his version of next year's budget, lawmakers have their turn. the department of finance and the independent legislative analyst office provided the details. they say so far so good. >> we are very close to the administration. we're still finalizing our numbers. i would be surprised if we were more than a few hundred million dollars off in each of the two years. >> now tomorrow the legislature will break off into smaller committees to discuss the details and the deadline for the budget plan is june 15th. we want to know what you think and what you would do to balance the budget by texting or calling. text one for raising taxes, two for cutting programs, three for both. we'll bring you the results later in the newscast. >>> san jose could be making payday history. at tonight's city council meeting voters could vote to make san jose the largest city to cap the number of payday storefron storefronts. the lenders with their splashy ads and dollar signs are numerous in san jose's lo
last thing, aaron brown, a prominent democrat at the time had written to mrs. james k.polk referring or to rufus king who he lived with as buchanan's better half his wife and aunt fancy who had riled out in her best clothes. >> it was a whisper campaign. people were opposed to him. james buchanan was a pro-slavery northerner. >> that's what is so upsetting about the existence of james buchanan, not that he was the first bachelor president. >> he did sleep with some slaves. that may have been the issue. i made that up. >> also keep in mind that his nieces had burned all of the correspondences that he had with ruckus. >> rufus. >> ruckus. >> they caused quite a ruckus. >> i don't know why i have ruckus. why did they burn those letters? >> i don't know. i don't know. i don't know why he wrote to rufus. >> jr last word? >> we are acting like this is a devastating bad thing for -- to even accuse him up. it's a fine situation. it's fine. you are not going to get me past the point. social security drinks a direct come -- there is a direct thing between his
, that assumes voters approve governor jerry brown's tax hike initiative this november. >>> and a wrong way photo of the fab four is expected to go for big bucks. this is a rare photo of the beetles walking across abbey road the wrong way. the version on the famous album cover has them walking left to right. the photo is expected to fetch over $14,000 when it is auctioned on may 22nd. i'm sure there's a lot of beetles fans out there that would love to get their hands on that conversation piece. >> did you notice paul mccartney is wearing sandals, not barefoot like the cover? >> that's right. >> ashley morrison, thank you very much. >>> straight ahead, your wednesday morning weather. >>> and in sports, nba playoff action. clippers and spurs in a san antonio showdown. sometimes, i feel like it's me against my hair. [ female announcer ] weak, damaged hair needs new aveeno nourish+ strengthen. active naturals wheat formulas restore strength for up to 90% less breakage in three washes. for strong, healthy hair with life, new aveeno nourish+ strengthen. for strong, healthy hair with life, we charge eve
people like ray charles and ruth brown and lavern baker, and they found these people. they were open to it. it is not like that anymore. tavis: they did not sign you. >> they did not. there was the place i went because paul anka, and i loved his song "diana." he was only a few months older than i, and i thought if he could do it, i could do it. and there was the hook in "diana," and i wanted to ask the producer, and he had me in and listen to my song and mcmillian the next one and the next one, and i said i do not have any more, and i got a contract. it was amazing. at 15. tavis: i have is going to say that. at 15. what did jerry and ahmed say years later about not signing you? >> they wanted to sign me later, but it was not synchronous did. much later, i recorded a couple of albums for atlantic, but they encouraged me, and they had songs that i had written or jerry handwritten. >> a very -- tavis: very courageous about your marriage is, including one that was abusive. >> yes. tavis: many i have to spend more time going back through vain carole king play list -- through the carole ki
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